Privacy Policy


  • Data Collection Policy:

This Policy sets out how the Security Option Company For Info-Tech (Sair Platform) collects and uses personal information for providing its services. This Policy applies to all users of applications, websites, features, and other services we provide in any place in the GCC region. This Policy applies to:

  • Passengers: Users of transport services
  • Partner Drivers: Users of transport services independently

This Policy shall also apply to persons providing information to "Sair" and requesting to use its services or those persons whose information "Sair" receives in connection with its services. For purposes of this Policy, all persons subject to this Policy shall be referred to hereinafter by "Users".


The practices herein set forth shall be subject to the laws applicable in the territories where we provide our services. This means that we shall not implement the said practices in any country or in a specific territory except when the laws of such countries or territories so permit.


  • Data Controller:

Sair provides services to Users in all the GCC region, and controls their the data related to their information.

  • Information We Collect:

Sair collects the following information:


  • Client (User) Provided Information:

Such information includes the following:

  • User Profile: When you create or update your Sair account, such information is collected. This includes your name, email address, telephone number, login name and password, address, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information), governmental ID number, such as social security number, driver's license, or passport, of required by law, date of birth, photographs, and signature. Such information includes also such information related to vehicle, insurance information of partner drivers, favorites, and settings which are enables for your "Sair" account.


  • Criminal Background Check Information: We collect the criminal background check information if you registered to use Sair services as a partner driver. This may include driving record or criminal record, if so permitted by law.


  • Demographic Data: We may collect demographic information about you, automatically or through user surveys. In some countries, we may receive demographic information about you from third parties as well.


  • Users Provided Content: We may collect information which you provide when you contact Sair customer service, or when you give us evaluations or positive feedback for other uses, or when you contact Sair in another way.
  • Information Created When You Use Our Services
  • Location Information: Based on Sair services you use, application settings, or device permissions, we may collect information about you exact or approximate location, which is specified using data such as the GPS, IP address, or a Wi-Fi network.


  • If you are a partner driver, Sair shall collect location information when its application is running in the foreground (i.e. the application is open and shown on the screen), or running in the background (i.e. the application is open but is not shown on the screen).


  • If you are a passenger and give permission for location data processing, Sair shall collection location information when its application is shown on the foreground. In some areas, Sair collects such information as well when its application is running in the background if the application settings or device permissions enable such data collection.


  • Transaction Information

We collect details of transactions related to your use of our services, in addition to details or orders, delivery data, date and time of service provision, amount payable, distance travelled, method of payment, etc.


  • Usage Information

We collect information about how you use our services. This includes information such as access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, type of browser and third-party sites or service you were using before interacting with our services. In some cases, we collect this information through cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers.


  • Device Information

We may collect information about the devices you use to access our services, including the hardware models, device IP address, operating systems and versions, software, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device motion information, and mobile network information.

  • Information from Other Sources:

Such information may include the following:

  • Users' comments, such as evaluations and positive feedback.
  • Users providing your information in connection with software inviting you to join Sair.
  • Other users or persons providing information related to claims or disputes.
  • Sair business partners through which you create your Sair account or is given access to it through them, such as payment service providers, social media services, on-demand music services, applications or websites using Sair API or whose API Sair uses (such as when you ask for a trip through Google Maps).
  • Insurance service providers (if you are a partner driver)
  • Financial service providers (if you are a partner driver)
  • Fleet partners (if you are a partner driver using our services through an account associated with a similar company)
  • Publicly available sources
  • Marketing service providers


Sair may add information it collects from such sources to the information already available at Sair.

Sair Collects:

  1. Information that you provide to Sair, such as when you create your Sair account.
  2. Information created when you use our services, such as location, usage and device information.
  3. Information from other sources, such as Sair partners and third parties that use Sair APIs.


  • How We Use Your Information

Sair collects and uses information to enable reliable and convenient transportation, delivery and other products and services. Sair shares your personal information with third parties. We also use the information we collect:


  1. To enhance the safety and security of our users and services;
  2. To enable communications to or between users;
  3. For customer support;
  4. For research and development;
  5. To provide promotions or make contests;
  6. And in connection with legal proceedings.


  • Information Retention and Deletion
  1. Sair retains user profile and other information for as long as you maintain your Sair account.
  2. Sair retains transaction, location, usage and other information for 7 years in connection with regulatory, tax, insurance or other requirements in the places in which we operate. Sair thereafter deletes or anonymises such information in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. Users may request deletion of their accounts at any time. Following such request, Sair deletes the information that it is not required to retain.


  • For Legal Reasons or in the Event of a Dispute

Sair may share your information if we believe it is required by applicable law, regulation, operating agreement, legal process or governmental requests, or where the disclosure is otherwise appropriate due to safety or similar concerns.

This includes sharing your information with law enforcement officials, government authorities, or other third parties as necessary to enforce our Term of Service, user agreements, or other policies, to protect Sair’s rights or property or the rights, safety or property of others, or in the event of a claim or dispute relating to your use of our services. If you use another person’s credit card, we may be required by law to share information with that credit card holder, including trip information.


This also includes sharing your information with others in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or into another company.